Why Force-Free?

We believe that the relationship between you and your pet should never be compromised in the name of training, that’s why we use only positive rewards and fear-free methods. We don’t believe in prong, pinch, shock or choke collars and never use force or fear to attain results.

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In-Home Consultations

We like to start by evaluating your dog and developing a plan to help you achieve your training goals in the comfort of your own home.

Customized Training

We'll build a customized training plan tailored to suit you, your dog, and your goals.

Professional Training

Our professional dog trainer, Kimberley Pastirik, is a certified, experienced dog trainer with a background in animal behavior.

Group Classes

Several classes available, each with a different focus on tricks, skills, and behaviors in a fun and positive environment.

All Dogs

Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent, adult, or senior, we can help you train. We can also help with aggressive or fearful dogs.

Force-Free Learning

All of our training uses positive reinforcement and we'll show you the trick to not only training your dog, but making them want to learn!

What is Force-Free Training?

Force-free goes by several names, such as positive reinforcement. The basic idea is that by rewarding your dog with something enjoyable after they offer a desired behaviour (such as treats or praise), the result will be an increased likelihood that they'll offer that behaviour in the future.

Force-free training is incredibly effective. It builds a strong foundation of trust between you and your dog, doesn't require you to force, hurt, or intimidate your dog, and is the most up to date and science-based training approach.

To show our commitment to setting dogs up for success, we've partnered with the Alberta Force-Free Alliance to help promote the force-free and humane training and handling of dogs.

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