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Hidden Pawtential

Force Free Dog Training

Available to you through Online Consultations, an Online Self-Paced Puppy Course & in-person in Alberta, CA

At Hidden Pawtential,

We believe that the relationship between you and your pet should never be compromised in the name of training, that’s why we only use positive rewards and fear-free methods. We don’t believe in prong, pinch, shock or choke collars and never use force or fear to attain results.

With personalized training plans tailored to your dogs' behavioural needs, your trainer will use a positive, fun and force-free approach to train your dog! We will teach you how to change your dog’s behaviour so that both you and your best friend can live a happy life together!

"Hidden Pawtential is amazing. Kimberley was so patient with us. She has such a gentle personality and when our Jasper saw her show up he was so excited!! She is full of great tips and advice. We saw such improvement in the behaviour we wanted to correct in our dog. She listened to our concerns and implemented a plan! She was able to come to our house and do a socially distant training session so that we had “real life” scenarios to work with. Hidden Pawtential is highly recommended and should we ever get a buddy for Jasper she will be the first person we call!!!"
Allyson Dyck
Pet Owner