What our clients say

"I've known Kim for many years and she has extremely well trained and behaved dogs. She has a very sincere heart and has a magic with all kinds animals. I'm very happy she's made positively motivated dog training courses so she can help others learn to help their furry friends. I would recommend her services to anyone!" -Dean Budd

Why Force-Free?

We believe that the relationship between you and your pet should never be compromised in the name of training, that’s why we use only positive rewards and fear-free methods. We don’t believe in prong, pinch, shock or choke collars and never use force or fear to attain results.

Please Note

Intensive behavioral training or advanced obedience training requires on-going weekly sessions. Each dog's and person's needs will vary but behavioral work typically requires a minimum commitment of 2-3 months, meeting once a week. Dogs with serious behavioral issues usually require several months of formal training. 

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