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Hidden Pawtential

Our Trainer

Kim has more than 12 years of experience in animal care & training. After receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree, she began working in Exotic Animal Training & Care (we’re talking wolves, big cats, sea lions, penguins, reptiles!). Using those same principles, Kim got her Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed certificate, as well as completed a comprehensive program in Dog Training and Behaviour Methodology from the Edmonton Humane Society. Kim is constantly continuing her education, partaking in online courses, webinars (etc.) and is currently pursuing her Certified Control Unleashed Instructor Certification with Leslie McDevitt. 

Kim now operates Hidden Pawtential, where she strives to provide relationship-based dog behaviour consulting to the pet owners of the Greater Edmonton Area.

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Ranger’s Story:

Ranger is the Hidden Pawtential poster dog! Ranger was originally a foster through Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society that Kim welcomed into her home in March of 2020. Kim and her partner had been in search of the right dog to help Kim in her business and fit into the family. While Kim and her partner didn’t admit it to themselves, they knew right away that Ranger was destined to become a foster “fail”. By April 2020 the paperwork was official… Ranger was now part of their family! 

While Ranger has presented many challenges in her training, she has taught Kim so much and has become an invaluable addition to the family, and Hidden Pawtential! We look forward to watching her grow in the years to come. 


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